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a 'bottom selfie' - a photographic self-portrait featuring the buttocks, usually posted by female celebrities on social media networks.
"Cheryl Cole joins Kelly Brook and Kim Kardashian by sharing a rose-tinted 'belfie' " …from the 'Daily Heil', 23 October 2013
ayon kay Art Deptford ika-15 ng Nobyembre, 2013
To take butt selfies.
Taking a selfie of your butt (booty).

ayon kay Rybear9ohsevin ika-25 ng Marso, 2014
a belfie is a boob selfie. a belie usually does not have a face in it, but rather just boobs. belfies are commonly sent on snap chat.
did you like my belfie?
ayon kay h lion ika-20 ng Hulyo, 2014