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Strolling with a limp
Sagging hard
Mainly done by L.A street niggas
Is not just a casual stroll
But a way of life
A movement
First you take the rag
Crease it
Place it in your back pocket
And bell
But remember
For all you square ass niggas
Rips to the left
Doggs to the right
Not for niggas in tight ass jeans and penny loafers
But highly recommended for nigaas sporting
Khakis, house shoes and locs
You know I keeps it crackin cause it's a must
Cause this the way we bell from dawn to dusk
ayon kay seefs ika-10 ng Marso, 2004

Words related to bellin

bellin' belling gangster lean strollin' walking
An abbreviated form of the word belling.
To walk like a gangster.
To swing one's arms behind one's self in an exaggrerated fashion from left to right as one walks; resembling a bell swinging from side to side.
"See, I don't give a fuck 'cause I keep bellin',
Yo, what the fuck are they yellin'?"

-N.W.A. "Gangsta Gangsta"
ayon kay Petey Wack ika-15 ng Nobyembre, 2007
1. To have eaten too much.

2. To be overweight
"Damn, I'm bellin'!"

"Whoa, that guy is bellin' hardcore!"
ayon kay Gus Doja Buckingham III ika-16 ng Hulyo, 2012
haha WC is the best.
a very good gangsta rap artist.
ayon kay 5153 ika-31 ng Marso, 2004