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The highest level of the Roman Catholic clergy. Rules over an area called a diocese. Can ordain priests. Wears a tall, pointed hat called a miter; carries a staff called a crosier; wears a large cross and a large ring. Answerable to the pope.
Did your bishop just checkmate my king?
ayon kay ScottX ika-15 ng Oktubre, 2005
342 91
a loving , careing , sweet person with a great sence of humer.The lady's man
that bishop was soo sweet
ayon kay dhggkegdl ika-25 ng Oktubre, 2009
120 70
school of homosexuals and gingers who have been rejected by society and chose to all go to the same school to unamiously hated by everyone
loser school
wow have you seen those kids that go to bishops they suck ass
ayon kay yo big old fat stanky mamma ika-19 ng Setyembre, 2008
110 61
Another Word For A Penis.
"Oh My God, Your Bishop's HUGE"
ayon kay Cal Hanley ika-22 ng Agosto, 2006
227 199
A term for Skunk.
Smoking a bish, got any bishop, wrap/ skin a bishop.
ayon kay ZZNA ika-21 ng Oktubre, 2009
71 60
A line of android models created by Charles Weyland, and seen prominently in the movie "Aliens". Bishop is a highly advanced synthetic human who accompanies a military team to the planet LV-426 to wipe out an alien infestation. He primarily works as a driver or pilot, as is shown in the movie when he hovers a dropship above a landing in order to save Ellen Ripley from being killed by an alien queen.
Bishop: "I may be synthetic but I'm not stupid."
ayon kay crazyrabbits ika-10 ng Mayo, 2005
26 17
The phrase "to bishop" means to surrepticiously grasp another person's bottom, on the pretext of "just brushing past". It derives from 16th century drinking dens in the City of London, where clergy would seek illicit sexual thrills with an immediate and plausible claim of innocence if caught.

In modern language, is frequently truncated to "bish"
That guy so just Bishoped me when he squeezed past.
ayon kay ecobebop ika-10 ng Hunyo, 2011
15 9