Top Definition
To Blog and Tweet about something at the same time.
Yo, I'm getting ready to Bleet about my new art project, even though nobody reads my blog and I have like three followers on Twitter.
#blog #tweet #twitter #bleet #weblog
ayon kay DJ Sauna ika-21 ng Disyembre, 2009
fuckin sweet
thats the fuckin bleets
ayon kay Andrew ika-03 ng Marso, 2004
what a freshly made llama says when they piss off admins in a counter strike server.
"Bleet i'm a llama ... bleet"
ayon kay kr3w ika-18 ng Mayo, 2005
It's too long for a tweet, but not really substantial enough for a blog post either. It's between the two. A bleet.
Gimme a sec, this deserves a bleet. OR, I have to bleet this right away.
#blog #post #tweet #twitter #social networking #news #info #bleeting #beleet #blit #bleat #bleating
ayon kay SereneMenace ika-29 ng Marso, 2015
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