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water collected by the boob area of a woman's bathing suit and must then be squeezed out
*girl squeezes boobs in bathing suit*
guy: umm what are you doing?
girl: squeezing out my boob water gosh
#boobs #water #bathing suit #squeeze #tits
ayon kay itsxsuperxmimi ika-10 ng Mayo, 2009
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basically another word for breast milk
Martha: "woop! its time to feed kyle with my boob water!"
#boob water #boob #water #breast milk #milk #breast
ayon kay 4UrInfo(OrJustCuzUWereCurious) ika-19 ng Enero, 2011
Water that gathers within clothing that encompasses the breast, or is poured from or across the breast
"Pure crystal boobwater pooled in the space between her perfect breasts"
#boob-water #boobwater #titwater #boobdrip #titdrip
ayon kay Inkthinker ika-25 ng Oktubre, 2006
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