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A bookworm is a person who is so fascinated by books that he does not know what is happening in the world.
He is such a bookworm. Can't he see that way he'll probably fail his exams.
ayon kay Ramakrishnan Srikanth ika-24 ng Oktubre, 2005
246 108
1) Someone who reads (or studies) a lot;

2) Someone who seeks and attains knowledge through books;

3) Intellectual.
Although Mohammed was a charismatic and influential leader, he was not much of a bookworm.
ayon kay tdemelo ika-12 ng Marso, 2009
137 26
someone with passion of reading books
'that nerd have gone to the library ever since.'

'he must be a bookworm!'

'you're gay'
ayon kay fitoplankton ika-27 ng Disyembre, 2007
66 46
1. One who attends the University of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois.
2. An avid reader.
BB: Bill Gates claims to be a book worm.
Becky: So does the actor Christian Bale!
BB: OMG, Becky.
ayon kay Food and Drug Administration ika-26 ng Hunyo, 2003
36 21
Receiving a blow job while reading.
I was reading in bed last night, and my girlfriend surprised me with a book worm.
ayon kay Hopethisworks ika-04 ng Marso, 2014
2 1
Usually the smartest guy in your class (a nerd). Someone who likes reading and polishing his glasses more than partying.
Charles rarely leaves the library. He has typical symptoms of a bookworm.
ayon kay thux ika-07 ng Abril, 2013
8 11
A loyal patron of the Manila International Book Fair.

An official endorser of the Manila International Book Fair (such as social activist and tour guide Carlos Celdran, book author and comedian Stanley Chi, book author and celebrity Ramon Bautista, and book author and community leader Tado Jimenez).
There are a lot of bookworms that attended the Manila International Book Fair.

Bookworm and renowned tour guide Carlos Celdran is promoting the 2012 MIBF!
ayon kay HSpecter ika-01 ng Setyembre, 2012
4 10