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exclamation when you are pleased or to show off
Boom. I just won our netball match.

I beat you. Boom.

Boom. I win.
ayon kay booties69 ika-15 ng Nobyembre, 2011
28 8
BOOM is widely used in the beer pong community for pretty much any reason. It is shouted as loud as possible so that everyone is aware of what just happened and are now compelled to BOOM as well. Can be used in conjuction with LFG
Scenario 1
Mike - "I just smashed some bids tonight"
Chris - "BOOM!!"
Mike - "LFG"

Scenario 2
Crowd - *chanting Iron Wizard*
Pong Ferrigno - *hits cup*
All in attendance - "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!"
ayon kay Dime132 ika-24 ng Nobyembre, 2010
98 84
A word used to express satisfaction. or after something that has happened (generally after a good thing). Also if something is done right multiple people will say boom. If Boom is said then sometimes people may copy and say it after.

Can be a random outburst.
And the winner is...SAM!

Sam: "BOOM!"

Luke: "BOOM!"
ayon kay seaman27 ika-29 ng Marso, 2011
18 11
Used when one has just won an argument, debate, or other point of conflict. Most effective when the winner gets overexcited, slams their hand on the table and tries to rub it into their opponent.

Hilarity added when the winner is an Irishman in London.

Verb: to boom.
And that, good sir, is boom!
ayon kay VaatiKaiba ika-02 ng Agosto, 2011
16 11
adjective used to describe a pretty girl.
"yo guy, that girl is BOOM"
ayon kay bacdafukup ika-30 ng Abril, 2003
320 315
a phrase coined by electro bass house producer Will Bailey, meaning the playing of a fat record at a party or similar social event.
When a sick bassline drops at a party...

ayon kay BASSsovereign ika-21 ng Abril, 2009
14 10
In the context of texting, it is an exclamatory statement used at the end of an insult.
My cats are better than yours!!
ayon kay gehenosterreich ika-01 ng Enero, 2012
12 10