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This is refered to a man, or woman who "boondoggles" or braids there pubic hairs with a another said parties pubic hair much like a boondoggle key chain.
"Last night I caught Seth and Josh knotting their pubes together. Freakin' boondogglers."
ayon kay D-Block48 & Echo ika-01 ng Mayo, 2008
5 17
A doggler of Boons, a Booner of Doggles, A Vince Karlson.
"Vince Karlson is a fagtoast and a boondoggler"
ayon kay Corey Woo ika-25 ng Hunyo, 2003
3 21
A friggin nigger. Nice way to say nigger without too much criticism from the monkey people.
Look at that boondoggler sippin a 40 on his porch at 10am. Niggers don't know nothin about workin for a livin.
ayon kay fongule ika-09 ng Disyembre, 2003
17 47