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A word used by a lot of people with sub-standard schooling when they mean to say 'bought'
I sold my lung and brought a new car!
ayon kay MiddleClassWhiteGuy ika-25 ng Hulyo, 2006
48 20
the common thoughts of bros and the ability to think similarly to other bros.
"Wow bro, we were just thinking the same thing!"

"Seriously, we just had some broughts..."
ayon kay stevebrovito ika-13 ng Abril, 2011
4 1
When challenged to bring it or bring your shit, go to the challenging party and proclaim loudly "brought". Should the party not be wanting to engage in the activity at which they wish to challenge you, then they suffer humiliation from thier peers.
oh you better bring it!

it's already been brought.
ayon kay Kung-Fu Jesus ika-18 ng Abril, 2004
13 11