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an exlamation of disgust about an object, person or situation that is undesirable and/or unappealling
burls! that chic is ugly!
ayon kay jehorko ika-15 ng Mayo, 2006
64 18
noun- an assortment of objects collected by an individual. A colloquialism native to the Skagit valley located in northwest Washington state, popularized by twenty-somethings during the early twenty-first century.
I went over there and he was just sitting, sorting thru his burl with a wild look in his eye.
ayon kay Ric J. Stopae ika-09 ng Agosto, 2011
44 15
Anything has the potential to be burl. A man being eaten by a shark is burl. a guy with huge biceps is burl. someone who is really ugly is burl.
Damn dude Amanda Johnsons face is fucking burl.

My mom fucking took my was burl

dude, johnny just got burled by jose.
ayon kay PerlyWhites ika-09 ng Mayo, 2005
80 51
To give something a go
Dave: we should try out the new motor
Jesz: ok, let's give it a burl
ayon kay TABaracus ika-24 ng Marso, 2011
26 10
When dinkleberrys get caught in pube hair that is all dried and frizzed up.
I heard you licked samantha's burls
yea it was disgusting
ayon kay number1Stunner ika-28 ng Hunyo, 2010
12 1
Derived from the Tumwater term, "Go Burls", it's synonymous with "awesome" or any other term of praise.
Did you see that touchdown run? That was so Burls!

Man, that dude is so Burls!

We pwned them, it was so Burls!
ayon kay Le Capitaine ika-25 ng Nobyembre, 2006
26 24
To give something a go. To put something through its paces.
New tires on your car? Let's give them a burl.
ayon kay Jordan Adams ika-24 ng Oktubre, 2004
33 34