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an official statement issued by one intelligence agency to other agencies. It states that an individual or a group is unreliable for one or more reasons or purposes. This is essentially a directive for the recipient to disregard or "burn" all information derived from that individual or group.
"The CIA issued a burn notice on the defector from the Soviet Union after most of his stories were found to be false."
ayon kay mashetee ika-15 ng Enero, 2010
183 42
To let everyone know your about to light a blunt.
AYYYYE YO...............burn notice!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ayon kay phatshady ika-26 ng Agosto, 2013
11 16
A note left on ones front door of their residence, much like an eviction notice. This is more extreme, however, as the succeeding event invoves the residence being subject to arsen.
Man: What is this in my door?

Landlord: A burn notice. You better get the hell outta here boy.
ayon kay WHAHWA ika-24 ng Pebrero, 2010
24 57
Getting dumped by your significant other, usually with no prior indication things were about to end.
"You hanging out with your girl this weekend?"
"Nah, she gave me my burn notice notice a couple days ago."
ayon kay Projekt Defektiv ika-05 ng Agosto, 2007
57 90
An exclamation used to imply that one has just been insulted.
Person 1: My legs are so sore.

Person 2: Must be sore from running away from your gay thoughts all day

Person 3: OOOOHHHH You just got put on BURN NOTICE!
ayon kay Tha Conqueror ika-24 ng Agosto, 2010
32 70
verb: to burn someone, weather it be from a cigarette, a b&m or a blunt, saying burn notice right before you do it.

noun: a burn from the act of a burn notice
haha ok, nice burn notice on your arm bro
ayon kay nise61 ika-16 ng Hulyo, 2010
10 50