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The technique of catching a stanky fart in ones hand and then releasing it under someones nose.
When he started talking shit about my gas I had to buttcup that bitch Russ.
ayon kay Tony the fish ika-13 ng Abril, 2003
604 317
One of the Powerpuff Girls. The toughest fighter.
ayon kay B Diddy ika-23 ng Agosto, 2003
468 284
The act of farting into one's "cupped" hand, then ushering the captured fart into an unsuspecting victims face, thus causing him to inhale your butt fumes. Optimal conditions occur when victims mouth is open.
John was doing his math homework when suddenly he was inhaling fart from the butter cup Tom had just unleashed on him.
ayon kay Keith ika-16 ng Enero, 2003
203 92
A boy who thinks he's the biggest gangster in the world but in reality is a cute little softie who likes teddy bears and rainbows.
ihy buttercup :) xo
ayon kay DoubleDxo ika-11 ng Oktubre, 2010
159 93
A flower, it's small and yellow
Buttercup is a beautiful flower and is very common especialy in europe.
ayon kay Soley ika-05 ng Setyembre, 2005
223 165
A beautiful girl whose body is perfect in every way except she has a flat chest. Everything on her body is immaculate "but her cup" size.
"Dude, Krista is smokin' hot. If she wasn't so flat, she would be absolutely perfect."

"Yeah, she's a total buttercup."
ayon kay rainbownights ika-15 ng Abril, 2010
86 57
Verb: A buttercup is a unique way in having someone else take a whiff, or in some cases, even a taste of a fart. All that needs to be done is when you feel it comming on, you cup your hand over the exit, catch the fart, and cup it over someone's nose and mouth. In some cases, "the thrower" can smell their own to make sure that it is a "good" one.
Kyle ralphed after he had tasted Joe's buttercup.
ayon kay whoflungpoo ika-17 ng Agosto, 2006
110 91