A female who's body is bangin, but her face is atrocious.
I went out with a butterhead yesterday.

<i>What's a butterhead?</i>

Everythang look good, butterhead(but her head).
#ugly #atrocious #butt ugly #bad looking #butahead #buta head #butter head #buttahead #butta head
ayon kay Nae85 ika-20 ng Nobyembre, 2006
nice body; ugly face.
1.damn look at that girl over there shes a butterhead hell yea evrey thing looks good but her head.

2. shes got a nice body but shes a butter head, yea everything looks good but that bitches head.
#ugly face #bangin body ugly hoe #nasty faced bitch #ugly bitch #nasty.
ayon kay Nick "big boi" Barrett ika-08 ng Hulyo, 2006
Basically a girl with a ugly face but nice body.
Butterhead-When a girl has an nasty face but a Beautiful body.

Andrew: "hey Diego Angelina is a butter head".
Diego:"yeah everything is nice but her head".
#booty #boobs #titties #butt #ugly face
ayon kay DT27 ika-13 ng Nobyembre, 2014
good body fugly face
james edgeman is a butterhead
#james edgeman #butterhead #butter #james #edgeman
ayon kay ben edmunds ika-11 ng Agosto, 2008
a girl that has a sexy body but her facial area is just off and shes ugly.
Yo that girl look mad good over there but her face is just nasty man she a butterhead.
#ugly #dirty #stank #dumb #broke
ayon kay D Gizzle ika-19 ng Marso, 2006
a chick with a fine ass body but an ugly head
im so horny id fuck a butter-head!
everthing on that girl is sexy but her head
ayon kay gweedo ika-04 ng Hulyo, 2003
The process of giving a blowjob with a stick of melted butter smeared on your lips.
I told her to grab a stick of butter and give me butterhead.
#puala dean job #lardjob #salty seal #blowjob #bj
ayon kay Greenskully ika-22 ng Pebrero, 2012
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