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"sir" or "mister" in Swahili
Jambo, bwana!
ayon kay mew ika-10 ng Oktubre, 2003
Your superior (litteraly translated:master as in "slavemaster")
I worship my Bwana, though I wish he'd stop whipping!
ayon kay Lastpagan ika-14 ng Enero, 2011
Professional Hunters in Africa are called bwana. Swahili for boss
Must I carry your rifle, Bwana.
ayon kay bwanagirl ika-11 ng Nobyembre, 2003
Swahili word meaning "Sir" or "Lord." Swahili word meaning "Boss" or "Spirit." Used in old Tarzan movies, incorrectly to denote white men. It's also the name of a very large pit bull in Florida.
The Bwana is coming.
ayon kay Bwanadog ika-26 ng Pebrero, 2006
an African greeting
ayon kay jeff barbier ika-03 ng Hulyo, 2003
bitch with a nice ass
hey man, look at the bwana
ayon kay jmh1949 ika-13 ng Nobyembre, 2007