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This is no ordinary poo. This poo is so beast that it needs to be broken in half in order to get flushed, otherwise it will just stay in the toilet bowl like a brown stone.
Man, my captains log was so big it was sitting out of the water
ayon kay Don Gulliver ika-07 ng Abril, 2003
54 21
What Spock found floating in the toilet.
Captain's Log: Stardate 3423:87

Spock advised me that I need more fiber in my diet.
ayon kay Tubular Bells ika-30 ng Marso, 2011
22 5
The Captain's Log is what Mr. Spock found in the toilet when Kirk forgot to flush.
Dr. McCoy: Spock, you look a little more green than feeling okay?
Spock: Yes, Doctor. I finally know the true meaning of the Captain's Log.
ayon kay Jump The Shark ika-15 ng Enero, 2012
14 2