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the best, the bomb
Have you heard the Jason Mraz CD yet? It's the cat's ass!
ayon kay your mom ika-07 ng Setyembre, 2003
66 40
A person,thing or event to be held in high regard. From the meticulous treatment and devotional attention a feline bestowes on its hindquarters. Not in wide useage.
You look that good and can cook too? Damn if you ain't about the cats ass!
ayon kay numerator ika-29 ng Abril, 2005
297 53
The very best. The finest. The epitome. Most excellent. Boss. Zorch cow. Real George.

This cat's ass expression was common in the early 1960s.
Whoa, where did you get that piano? It's cat's ass!

During a Vince Guaraldi concert in Berkeley in 1961, a dreamy beatnik kept mumbling "Cat's ass, man, cat's ass"
ayon kay Bumkicker Slade ika-24 ng Abril, 2005
184 50
absolutley, without a doubt, for sure, unbeatable, "can't be licked"
"That brand of whiskey is the cat's ass"
"I'll drink this whole bottle of whiskey, cat's ass"
ayon kay RT ika-19 ng Hulyo, 2004
119 36
An exclamation of sublime excellence.

Of Canadian origin, thought to be a crude derivative of the more common and acceptable expression, tits.
This is cats ass, man.
You're the cats ass.
ayon kay Diane ika-26 ng Nobyembre, 2003
134 55
When something is beyond words to express with the english language. To express extreme awe with some action, someone or something.
That movie was the cats ass !!!

Dinner, was the cat's ass tonight.

ayon kay Mark in Calgary ika-14 ng Marso, 2009
85 43
In reference to something more excellent than a cat's meow
Well, ain't that the cat's ass?
ayon kay sarahisthecatsass ika-12 ng Disyembre, 2006
47 35