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thats chill
ayon kay chillybear ika-26 ng Pebrero, 2003
8 11
another word for "cool" "rad" "nifty"
That was so chill.
ayon kay DaMoN ika-23 ng Disyembre, 2002
6 9
1.Someone who is chillin'
bob:see tony over there just chillin'
steve:dam hes hella chill
Andrew:i wish i was him!!
ayon kay steewaffle ika-14 ng Agosto, 2009
0 4
thats hot, thats awesome,
"hey i just got a cat!"
"man thats chill!"
ayon kay lovinglife(: ika-07 ng Abril, 2009
1 5
A word that scene kids use wwwaaaaayyyyyy too much!
I am so chill right now...

So I just drank a daiquiri and now I'm chill

Fuckin scene kids! Fags.
ayon kay xlsloshlx ika-02 ng Marso, 2009
0 4
Chill is to say that something is cool, fun, good, awesome.. etc. etc. Anything in that context
Dude.. that game is pretty chill. We should play it again sometime.

Dude that weed was pretty chill. We should get some more.
ayon kay Robert Miller ika-07 ng Mayo, 2006
3 7
Something, someone, or an action that is very cool.
"Dude that concert was wicked chill!"
ayon kay K-nott ika-02 ng Hulyo, 2005
2 6