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a semi erect yet still malleable penis.
( )
| |
| |
(_l_) also see limp "dick"

the kid in the weight room had a chub.
ayon kay joel ika-08 ng Enero, 2003
1004 340
when your feelings are on the fence and youre not really sure whether youre in love with a person or not then you get something called a half-boner, or the chubs.
It's like a mini bone... watch me go half mast now.... Turn my chubs into a hard onnnnn....

I got chubs for you.
ayon kay buttsmexwizzart ika-19 ng Disyembre, 2008
250 76
A semi-erect penis that is typically related to intoxication by drinking too much alcohol and attempting any number of sexual interactions.
Dude, last night I chubbed this girl!!
ayon kay Bslizzo ika-25 ng Mayo, 2010
213 167
a fat person who eats a lot
look at that kid over there

ano his nicknameshould be chubs
ayon kay crack baby 101 ika-27 ng Abril, 2010
61 23
a universal nickname that can be used to describe someone who is pudgy, overweight, or in other words "FAT"
Chub!! Get your fat ass over here!

Damn chub, how many plates does that make.
ayon kay crimson429 ika-12 ng Mayo, 2010
211 186
an endearing term for a friend or loved one
What's up chubs
Anthony is such a chubs
ayon kay mooooo-chubs ika-04 ng Agosto, 2009
41 23
The Half-Boner. When you're on the fence, and not quite sure.
I got the Chubs for you.
ayon kay GremlinnHatt ika-12 ng Agosto, 2009
59 44