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a fine ass bastard with a nice body that is goin out with the luckiest gurl in the world
no example
ayon kay the cl luva ika-03 ng Setyembre, 2003
7 38
The MOST important person on this earth always has been always will be i LOVE this person so much words couldnt explain
think of the most important person in your life, just ten times better
ayon kay nobody important ika-06 ng Disyembre, 2004
6 40
a mean guy that thinks carol is a guys name
cl:i think of carol as a mans name and would never name tasha's daughter that
ayon kay carol(girl) ika-20 ng Agosto, 2003
1 37
a faggot that doesnt know the difference between a mother and a father
tasha's gopin to father c.l.'s baby.
c.l. is goin to mother tasha's baby.
ayon kay tasha ika-18 ng Agosto, 2003
2 39