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Somone who does somthing becasue it seems like the "cool" thing to do, or becasue everyone else is doing it.,
someone who choses a certain way of life, or fashon.
Non-conformists cannot say they are not a conformist becasue they are conforming to non conformity.
ayon kay Katie fox ika-14 ng Pebrero, 2005
48 29
A term that emo kids often use to describe preps.
"We fucking hate how those preps are all the same, stupid conformists. So we band together and dress in black with excessive amounts of eyeliner and listen to shitty bands like Taking Back Sunday"
ayon kay LL Cool Jen ika-25 ng Oktubre, 2009
20 6
normal people

people who say, do, wear, eat, drink, etc. only normal things so as not to look different.

in conformists opinion different is weird.
*lacreesha see a group of girls talking about twilight*
"stupid conformists" - lacreesa
ayon kay aconformist ika-23 ng Enero, 2010
20 10
a person following the crowd like a headless chicken.
You're such a conformist.
ayon kay MaEEEEEEE ika-24 ng Disyembre, 2009
14 5
this means ur a god damn tool who cant think for your fucking self for once. enough said
those morrons are conformists. bunch of dumb asses who need to belong
ayon kay lost in truth ika-29 ng Agosto, 2010
8 1
What you and me are.
If you live your life by spedning time trying to earn money, make relationships work, be different in some sort of way, and on an unconcious level seek some form of leadership, then, you my friend, are a CONFORMIST. We all talk, dress and think alike. No one is a 'unique snowflake' and no one is special or different.

See the 7 BILLION people who live on this earth.
ayon kay Kosty ika-06 ng Agosto, 2006
28 21
Mindless idiots who can't think for themselves and do everthing everyone else in society is doing just so they can fit in. Conformist do everything the "cool" people do just to be excepted. Conformist are brainwashed by society and never make their own choices
Anyone who wears popular clothes like hollister or american eagle is a douchebag conformist.
ayon kay SkateBDK ika-12 ng Mayo, 2010
14 8