When a girl has her period on a guys chest and leaves it to harden over night. The girl then takes cookie cutters and makes red, crusty cookies that she feeds to the guy.
Guy 1: Dude, what did you and that hooker do last night?
Guy 2: Ugh man it was amazing! We made cookies and shit!
Guy 2: Damn straight! I felt like the fuckin' Keebler Elf.
ayon kay Nick Husted ika-30 ng Agosto, 2007
n. gay, homosexual.
"The Village People still perform? That's cookies."
ayon kay Komfort ika-17 ng Mayo, 2003
Thena's love nuggets.
Freshly baked cookies rock the boat.
ayon kay DirtyJeeves ika-19 ng Hunyo, 2003
cookies.. they are oral sex done to a man..
Do you want a cookie?!?
ayon kay Tiffany ika-05 ng Disyembre, 2003
aka Jay B... the sexiest man-ho ever.
I love Cookies and he loves me too.
ayon kay kellah ika-04 ng Abril, 2005
worlds shittest bloke with no heart, and an empty void where the heart once was, and a wierd obsession for fat chicks
hey james, your such a cooky
ayon kay siesta's ika-10 ng Hulyo, 2008
a new postion where you hang by a fan and the other person does it up the butt
Me and my girl went cooky last night!!!
ayon kay T-Voy ika-04 ng Nobyembre, 2003
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