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1. something that happens that is both crazy and amazing

2. an adjective that describes the most amazing person you know
1. Did you see that bucket explode..... that was CRAMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. She is the most cramazing person ever because she's my best friend.
ayon kay usersven ika-17 ng Agosto, 2010
2 2
Referring to something that is both crazy and amazing. This term can be used interchangeably or in conjunction with Fierce.
Did you see Shasta's earrings in the show?? They were cramazing!
ayon kay Royce G. Garrison ika-14 ng Agosto, 2004
57 8
Something that is both crazy and amazing at the same time.
That roller coaster was cramazing!
ayon kay Lauren!! ika-16 ng Hunyo, 2008
26 3
when something is both crazy and amazing at the same time
title of show is totes cramazing!
ayon kay Weirdfro ika-22 ng Pebrero, 2009
9 1
That new UnmaskD joint is CRAMAZING!
ayon kay Jumusiq ika-17 ng Nobyembre, 2009
3 0
Crazy and amazing.
That salad with creme brulee goat cheese was cramazing!
ayon kay hammer.time ika-17 ng Pebrero, 2010
0 0