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Hair that's not straight.It's much more interesting than simple straight and boring.It can be long or short but ALWAYS fabulous.

Straight hair's pretty much just one kind...but God was graciously creative with us curly heads -Endless wiggly wiggles.Grogeous squiggles.Funky Spirals.Deck Waves.Sunny ringlets.Tossed knots.Lucious Circles.Hip curly fros.Cool Cowlicks.

NOTHING steals the show like curls.Eyes go right toward all that untamed mane.It's totally unique and never out the scene.Gloss it , toss it whatever...wear it with pride.
CurlBomb: "Whys that girl never happy with her curly hair and always shelling major moolah on irons , chemical treaments and all that anti-curl shit?"

DeckWiggle: "Cuz she has major self-acceptance issues and thinks what is sexy is what other people tell her.Prolly grew up watching the pornstar lot who spend an hour tortouring their poor hair into that pin-staright boredoom so they can fit convention better."

CurlBomb : "Why are we totally proud and happy with all that wild curl?"
DeckWiggle : "Cuz nothing can grab attention like a luscious curlbomb.We is self-accepted folk who is blessed with the rarity of curldom"

"In his hands her curls slowly came undone and then sprang back into their vine-like windings.....tendrils that teased him , gorgeous locks that brushed on his skin and made his breath run fast".
ayon kay DeckWiggle. ika-24 ng Agosto, 2006
Curly Hair is a nickname given those who have curly/frizzy/puffy hair. A Curly Hair is often very bouncy, and female. She likes to have fun.
Lyssandra: Yo, yo, Curly Hair waz-up?
Curly Hair: Are you serious? "waz-up"?

Lyssandra: I though u liked having fun.
Curly Hair: i do. just not with you.
ayon kay Calyne ika-21 ng Disyembre, 2010
Some of the prettiest hair you can find
Im glad Angel didn't cut his curls yet. Everytime I see him I want to scream QUE LINDO.....VAMOS A TIRAR.

Im glad I have curly hair, straight hair is so BORING.
ayon kay E Angelisa ika-27 ng Disyembre, 2006
Well ya it sucks having curly hair...U try straighning brushes, drying it the second u get out of the shower, using a straghtnig iron...ya that all works but ur hair will never co-perate with ends up straight but really dry and fuzzy!
i have curly sucks i wish i hd straight hair sooo bad
ayon kay Laurel ika-29 ng Nobyembre, 2003
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