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When you're herping the derp by derp derping around. Usually done on the internet.
Person 1: Why didn't you answer my call?

Person 2: oh sorry i was busy derping around.
ayon kay Bobby Boosha ika-12 ng Enero, 2011
326 217
1. Internet slang for trolling.
2. In traditional gaming jargon, engaging in a discussion that goes way outside likelihood or canon without any serious intent.

See also derp.
1. Do you actually believe that Twilight is the best ever or are you just derping?

2. "You were saying Wizards of the Coast will bring back halflings as the true beloved of Ao?" "Nah, I was just derping."
ayon kay Shaviv ika-20 ng Enero, 2009
151 251
(v) to derp all over oneslef in a disgraceful manner; to be physically inadequate
"Now you're just derping all over yourself"
ayon kay Sherpadurpppay ika-07 ng Mayo, 2010
47 174