to give meaning or explanation to something
he defined his terms
ayon kay justin van horn ika-13 ng Setyembre, 2003
Top Definition
Verb. 1. To explain the meaning of a word or concept.
2. To impart greater clarity or resolution to.
1."Define" is a difficult word to define.
2. All those sit-ups have really defined my abs.
ayon kay Antinous ika-11 ng Setyembre, 2003
To explain what a word means.
I have just defined Define.
ayon kay Psycho Bitch ika-16 ng Abril, 2004
When you ask somebody an embarassing question and they respond with "Define" as to change the subject. The person then defines what he means, and a debate over the use ensues.
"Hey man, did you ever hook up with that girl?"
"Define 'hook up'.
"When you make out with someone"
"It means a lot of other things too"
"Oh like what?"

#define #defin #dfine #definee #defne
ayon kay ME, myself, and I (NOT IRENE) ika-05 ng Agosto, 2010
Who the hell tries to define the word define? We're all lucky you didn't just cause the internet to implode!
To examine every inch of a woman's body, and define her to your friends about it in great detail.
#urban dictionary #describe #definition #duhfine #dafine
ayon kay TheCosmoscopicAtIasofAirizona ika-17 ng Hulyo, 2012
To explain the meaning of something, especially a word.
ayon kay Anonymous ika-09 ng Setyembre, 2003
To explain the maening of
"I see, so you're defining define"
ayon kay jiexi ika-08 ng Disyembre, 2003
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