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a meeting of women held for the purpose of inspiring each other to become thinner by combining their weight loss with sexual ecstacy. The members of a dieting orgy are usually slim to begin with and strive to be thinner only to increase their already considerable sexiness.
It was the perfect dieting orgy. The group of models, ballerinas, and rhythmic gymnasts rented the women's gymnasium and locker room for a week. They wore only bras and panties to heighten their awareness of the fat they wanted to lose. They would record their weight, waist, bust, hip, and thigh measurements at least three times per day and record them in a log book. Girls who were losing weight and getting smaller would giggle and congratulate each other and console those who were not losing weight and size as fast as they wanted to. They spent their days drinking water, exercising, weighing, and measuring themselves. There were an abundance of scales, mirrors, and tape-measures for self contemplation and measurement. The girls gave each other cunnilingus to relieve their hunger with sexual ecstasy and create an inextricable psychological link between hunger and sexual ecstasy. By the end of the week they were feeling so sexy, slim, and ebullient at the collective weight and size they had lost that they stripped off their bras and panties in joy to better show off their hip bones, tiny breasts, and slim vulvas. Cunnilingus became constant, and the floors became slippery with their wonderful vaginal juices. By the end, they all agreed that it was the best dieting orgy ever.
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ayon kay wouldaben ika-06 ng Enero, 2011
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