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a four-letter word that often leads to deprivation, frustration and, ultimately, failure
Diet should not be in your vocabulary.
ayon kay Claudia ika-16 ng Enero, 2005
380 71
A word used by large food corporations to decieve old/fat women and men into believing their product is actually remotely healthy.
Diet coke, Diet Pepsi, etc.
ayon kay Austin Kennedy ika-19 ng Hulyo, 2006
190 39
A PERMANANT EATING LIFESTYLE. Almost ALL Americans misconstrued (misinterpret) this word as a temporary change in eating habits to loose weight - such as a "protein diet"
Many Americans have a very unhealthy diet of fast food and pizza.
ayon kay Bomni ika-08 ng Pebrero, 2005
206 74
n. A food consumption pattern lazy people take up in the place of regular exercise in order to lose weight.
Atkins, Jenny Craig, High Carbs, Low Carbs, All Protein, No Protein, No Red Meat, No Starch, No Sugar, etc.

Steve: Hey want to go eat some food?
Janet: No thanks, I'm on a diet.
ayon kay JimChach ika-15 ng Marso, 2004
180 74
A form of torture, hence "Die" with a "t" at the end
Oh man, I shouldn't be eating so much ice cream, I'm gonna have to go on a diet.
ayon kay superblackeagle ika-27 ng Enero, 2008
137 36
I use the DIET method to lose wait by asking myself "dare I eat this?" before I eat anything.
ayon kay PersonWhoIsRandom ika-23 ng Enero, 2011
61 17
the thing your on today, then off of tomorrow
I am sooo like fat!!! Ima go ona diet for realz for realz. No more coco for me, ya heard!
uMMMM...them chips look good as hellz.... fuck it, im already fat, why dont I live a little?? (chomps on chips)
ayon kay MCRfan4life ika-10 ng Enero, 2006
65 40