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A ghettofied hole in the wall bar where the poor and downtrodden alcoholics of america go to drink disounted mini-pitchers and listen to tired David alan Coe songs.
JC and Steve were kicked out of another Dive for spitting on the floor.
ayon kay ThE LaTe JC ika-24 ng Marso, 2005
254 70
A run down, cheap, unclean restaurant or hotel.
That McDonalds is such a dive!
ayon kay thlayli ika-27 ng Enero, 2003
109 45
To 'take a dive' is to 'throw' a fight or sportng match by purposely fighting/playing poorly.
In 'Snatch', the 'Pikey' (Brad Pitt) was supposed to 'take a dive' in the 4th round.
ayon kay Diego ika-18 ng Agosto, 2003
90 32
1. to proceed downward rapidly through the air headfirst, usually into a swimming pool, sometimes into a person, sometimes into cement.

2. not the best of bars, restarants or hotels, usually very ghetto in appearance

3. a cool, very Japanese DDR song

1. That was a very painful dive, but we could sell his face on E-bay.

2. Being in this dive pisses me off so much, I'm a blow the shit up! Get the fuck out!

3. I believe that I have just AA'd Dive Single Heavy. Hooray for me. I am so not AZN!!!!
ayon kay Franksta ika-05 ng Hunyo, 2003
87 37
Informal, relaxed, "neighborhood" bar or restaurant. Sometimes cool, sometimes shitty.
What are you watching?
Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.
What's a dive bar?
It's not about dive bars.
Oh. What's a dive then? Also, what's a dive bar?
Informal, relaxed, "neighborhood" bar or restaurant. Sometimes cool, sometimes shitty.
ayon kay justagirlfromcali ika-15 ng Hulyo, 2011
50 14
to perform oral sex, usually on females
that chick wanted me to dive her box, yo.
ayon kay Brian Miller ika-06 ng Disyembre, 2002
72 62
Somewhere you don't want to work.
Everyday there is fecises all over the walls in our restrooms, and the cafeteria food tastes like absolute shit. This place is a dive.
ayon kay messiahxxx ika-10 ng Abril, 2010
9 5