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verb: to own, especially in a said situation.
i will definitely dominate my chick tonight.

ready to dominate this show??

that shark just dominated a seal lion!
#intense #own #kill #nail #jesus boner #puss out
ayon kay the storm drains ika-02 ng Mayo, 2009
To hump a person you'd like to call your bitch
My dog dominated Heather
#dominate #a #dirty #domination #seven
ayon kay ranklism ika-26 ng Hulyo, 2006
n.-how retards think "dominant" is spelled.
Some guy in some thread: The Patriots have been the most dominate team in the last decade.
Me: It's spelled dominant, retard.
#dominant #domination #retard #idiot #fag #douche
ayon kay BrizzleT420 ika-14 ng Pebrero, 2011
When a Woman controls a man. A Woman who wants to dominate will find it much easier and more pleasant if She adds paddling and humiliation. Domination usually requires that the Woman humiliate the man to some degree.
I totally dominate my husband/boyfriend!
ayon kay Jay ika-23 ng Abril, 2005
Creates domination over everyone and everything. Rules hardcore, really awesome.
"Oils dominates the video games."

"Dan dominated his grilled stuffed burrito"

"Mans, we dominated that dime."
#awesome #rules #best #cool #great
ayon kay TheOneandOnlyTT ika-12 ng Mayo, 2006
something that rocks
iowans use it
"that game dominates!"
ayon kay florida ika-03 ng Hunyo, 2004
To destroy the toilet with excess smelly excriment.
I'm just off to dominate the toilet!
#toilet #poo #dominate #destroy #smelly #banger
ayon kay 44chemkpse ika-17 ng Mayo, 2008
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