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A proletariat's word for a marijuana cigarette, often rolled in a zig zag.
Man, Are you sure I ruined that doobler when I spilled my grapeade on it and the ice cream sandwiches?
ayon kay T.C. Birba ika-20 ng Abril, 2009
To be foxy and a baller all at the same time.
Dooblers have to be the coolest people on the planet.
ayon kay dooblerdoodledugenmcniggatron ika-15 ng Marso, 2010
when two guys finger a girl at the same time resulting in double the pleasure :)
Yo man i just got out of the batcave with Nickis and we just dooblered Sam.
ayon kay B-SAUCCYYY ika-10 ng Enero, 2010
an ordinary high-five, executed twice in rapid succession. usually exchanged between people in the know.
you finally hit it? that calls for a doobler.

note: seasoned doobler-ers do not need to acknowledge the necessity of the doober. it is unspoken.
ayon kay WeAreLions ika-22 ng Nobyembre, 2008