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(To take) a shit. A shit.
Hold on I have to take a duty.
ayon kay Nick ika-24 ng Agosto, 2003
Used in military terminology to describe the mandatory task of providing security or lookout for anything from an ammunition arsenal to an empty barracks. Can last for a few hrs or 24 hrs. Usually given at the worst possible times and weekends to remind you of why you ever joined the military.
Marine: Woot woot!!! It's Christmas, time to go home!!!

1stSgt: Oh fuck no! You have duty Christmas day, don't bother going home.

#duty #military #jargon #marines #jarhead
ayon kay jmusmc85 ika-06 ng Hunyo, 2010
the funniest word known to mankind
seriously just say it a few times and its hilarious
me and rob were cracking up all day about duties

Rob: Lucas have you performed your duties??
#duty #funny #word #work #job
ayon kay JahLove ika-28 ng Oktubre, 2008
A word commonly laughed at by people no matter how mature you are.

It is normally laughed at as people use the word duty as slang for feces.
Person 1: IT IS YOUR DUTY!

Person 2: Hahaha......... duty.
#duty #shit #feces #poop #lol #you said duty
ayon kay domki366 ika-06 ng Enero, 2013
Trash. Ugly. Anything nasty.
My hair looks like duty today,
#nasty #shit #gross #ugly #faat
ayon kay JWMW.xo ika-24 ng Abril, 2009
The Honor in which a person takes upon him or herself to serve his God or country.
He was not hesitant do his duty in church today.
In the Navy I was proud to do my duty.
#honor #serving #loyalty #godly #dilligent
ayon kay DrewPdrawers ika-24 ng Hulyo, 2011
Diarrhea of the comical kind (which is all diarrhea).
Ahahah. Duty. Ahahah. Diarrhea.
ayon kay Didda Tinkle ika-24 ng Mayo, 2004
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