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To obtain by unscrupulous means.
"Hows about you fandangle an extra bowl of pudding for me?"

ayon kay Yank My Crank ika-04 ng Enero, 2008
76 38
1) To be robbed or screwed over by another party.

2) To join a session without telling the members that you don't have weed to pitch.

"My professor totally fandangled me out of that A on my paper!"

"Damn man, that guy just totally fandangled his way into the session."
Damn man, that guy just totally fandangled his way into the session.
ayon kay Claypac ika-01 ng Abril, 2011
11 7
To do eveything *but* have sex with some one, normally during a night of drunken passion whereby the act is practically impossible
"Did you shag that bird last night mate? You were pretty wasted"
"Nah, it was just a quick fandangle and then I threw up all over her clothes, she left pretty sharpish"
ayon kay Soar ika-23 ng Nobyembre, 2006
42 41
A form of prank where one takes one's backpack (or other form of bag) removes the contents, turns the bag inside out and places the contents back in the bag.
We just fandangled John's bookbag
ayon kay Natalie Dynamite ika-23 ng Mayo, 2011
10 10
The action of a male fanning his genitals in a group living space.
Why do you have to fandangle yourself in front of me every morning when I wake up!
ayon kay gary22 ika-27 ng Setyembre, 2010
8 15
use as referance to a genitalpart of the body
" harry licked his nans fandangles"
ayon kay pidge ika-25 ng Mayo, 2005
12 21
1)A skateboard trick invented by Eric Koston which he does a nollie 180 one-fopted crooked grind.
2)To tickle a butthole from under her dress.
1)"Did you see Koston do the fandangle down that handrail?"
2)"Girls just love it when you give them the fandangle"
ayon kay John Hardy ika-13 ng Hunyo, 2004
30 39