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A modern feminist. One that shows traits belonging to nu and old school feminist thought while exhibiting a hipster-like fashion consciousness that was not present in the last generation of feminists.
She is such a feminista.
ayon kay iamthewriter ika-20 ng Enero, 2005
A third wave feminist. A woman (or man) who actively supports the rights of women in all arenas, regardless of multiple definitions or stereotypes of femininity. Supporting women's right to choose to be whatever it is that they desire, whether that is a mother, banker, artist, doctor, teacher, lawyer - or all of the above. A feminista is not necessarily "that girl from women's studies who can't get a date" or inherently unattractive in any way. She (or he!) is many things or anything, so long as that person actively supports a woman's right to have the opportunity to do anything she imagines, without societal, cultural, religious and especially political laws or preconceptions limiting her potential. A feminista also supports women's reproductive rights.
Growing up, Sarah's mother had been a big time lawyer; but Sarah, being a feminista, did not necessarily look down upon women who were stay at home mothers. Women had the right to choose their own paths.

A feminista would stand against politicians who have tried to limit the actions of Planned Parenthood, based on the fact that a woman has the right to make her own decisions with regard to her own body.

Despite being quite the feminista, Morgan got a lot of attention from guys - perhaps more so than some of her peers.

Mark considered himself a feminist because, despite being male, he supported and defended the rights of women. And hey, his wife made almost twice as much as him, which allowed their growing family to live quite comfortably.
#feminist #femininity #feminism #stereotype #feministic #antifeminist #antifeminism
ayon kay Beebaby10 ika-03 ng Hunyo, 2011
An amalgam of the words "feminist" and "barrista" because those are the only two things you'll be qualified to do with a degree in Women's Studies.
Lots of feministas working at Starbucks these days. Perhaps they should tighten their hiring standards a bit more.
#feminism #social justice #coffee #job #education
ayon kay Diarrhea Farmer ika-11 ng Agosto, 2015
An ugly fat female fresh out of "Women's Studies" hate training who thinks she's God's gift to men, but she can't get laid, and can't even get a date except with lesbians. Usually an aggressive misandrist who blames men because her life is a failure.

A cute misspelling of "feminist" by the young and ugly feminists who can't get a date so they spend evenings spewing misandry on-line.
The feminista web site really had some good digs at men today.
#feminist #women's studies #misandry #feminazi #lesbian #schoolmarm #men hater #bitch
ayon kay Bob Knows ika-07 ng Oktubre, 2009
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