A decent browser made by Mozilla in 1998.
It rocks Internet Explorer's butt.
1. What browser are you using?
2. Firefox.
1. :D
#firefox #mozilla #decent #browser #open source
ayon kay Racecar56 ika-09 ng Abril, 2009
The Best fucking web browser out there

Is superior to internet explorer in every way possible
get Firefox using internet explorer.

Uninstall the inferior software after installing the superior software.
#internet #browser #fast #better #superior
ayon kay 45520 ika-19 ng Pebrero, 2007
Firefox is to Internet Explorer as flash drives are to floppy disks.
Stop using that sorry excuse for a "Web browser" and download firefox. It's free and it's open source.
#web #internet #browser #mozilla #internet explorer
ayon kay badgerman5566 ika-26 ng Marso, 2011
1. A novel by Craig Thomas, and the film based off of it featuring Clint Eastwood.

2. An alternative web browser distributed by Mozilla, a "public welfare" organization.

3. Another name for a red panda, proper name Ailurus Fulgens.
1. "What's that one movie with Clint Eastwood in it? Where he steals some important shit from the Soviet Union?"
"Yeah, that's the one."

2. "I got Firefox! You should get Firefox too! Everybody should get Firefox!"
"... 'Kay."

3. "We're going to the zoo. They've got a new firefox exhibit, looks cool."
#fire fox #red panda #mozilla #clint eastwood #scriptkiddie
ayon kay TheWarOnIndifference ika-26 ng Hulyo, 2009
The reason to get rid of Internet Explorer.
Idiotic psycopathic maniac: I love Internet Explorer! Eet keecks azz!!
Master's Degree Rocket Scientist/paleontologist/biologist: Firefox kicks IE's ass.
#firefox #this #doesn't #need #tags
ayon kay Overlord Oozumpti ika-23 ng Hulyo, 2009
Guy 1: Firefox.
Guy 2: Sex.
#firefox #sex #yes #win #ie #fire #fox
ayon kay Ironhatt ika-28 ng Enero, 2009
A mysterious animal who will one day take over the world. They could be anywhere. Many disguise themselves as humans so that they can blend in and spy on the human population. Forefoxes are everywhere. Beware of their call.
One day firefoxes will take over the world! I love firefoxes!
#firefoxes #world #foxes #animal #fire
ayon kay firefox21 ika-14 ng Mayo, 2011
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