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adjective used to describe something new, hot, or exquisite. see off da chain
that girls ass was fresh.
im lookin real fresh wit my new kicks.
that ninjas whip is fresh.
ayon kay zak "burga" burnham ika-26 ng Setyembre, 2005
A description of a teacher, usually male and good looking, whose methodology is hip, innovative and informative.
Wow. He's so fresh!
ayon kay Absolutely Nobody ika-06 ng Abril, 2011
Another Word For Ok
Brian: What You Doin Friday Mate?

John: Gettin Pissed

Brian: Fresh Mate!
ayon kay ScottyYaCunts ika-11 ng Pebrero, 2009
a bit funky,
a bit smelly,
a bit weird,
when you wake up in the morning aned you look a bit!
a bit freaky
"oscars looking FRESH today"
ayon kay Tina, Becky and Louise ika-07 ng Pebrero, 2008
a word used to mean cool or fly
will smith played a guy from philly who was called the fresh prince
ayon kay natalie dewitt ika-06 ng Hulyo, 2006
A hot chick that someone wants to root.
Damn man that chick is fresh.
ayon kay Rachi ika-04 ng Mayo, 2006
Young. Fly. Flahsy. Undefinned fashion sense that people ain't never seen before
Jazzie Fresh is fresh.
ayon kay Jazzie Fresh ika-23 ng Oktubre, 2005