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The act of being hugged in an undesirable, sexual manner.
I got just got fugged by that creep.
ayon kay J Henshaw ika-22 ng Oktubre, 2010
that's fugged
ayon kay Anonymous ika-13 ng Oktubre, 2003
When you willingly have sex with an ugly chick or dude and it sorta feels like you got mugged. you then have to run home and take a shower cause you feel dirty and ashamed.
Yeah, poor Scott was desperate the other night and he ended up getting fugged by this chick from online.
ayon kay dfm128 ika-15 ng Marso, 2007
(Fuh-ged)Overly excited or enthusiastic about something
Fugged about it.
ayon kay NooberDoober ika-14 ng Oktubre, 2010