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its not a jamaican word and its not slang, its a SANSKRIT(the original indic language) word for hemp. dumbasses.
"yah mon, smoke i di ganja all day long"
ayon kay Tina ika-22 ng Disyembre, 2004
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Another word for marijuana, pot, cannabis, weed, etc.

Something to smoke that makes me smile.
'At 4-2-0 everybody's burnin' ganja....'
ayon kay LynZ Malakian ika-07 ng Mayo, 2004
That's some good ganja, man. Only needed two hits and I'm gone
ayon kay Bungalow Bill ika-26 ng Nobyembre, 2001
Hindi word for cannabis; the word was introduced to Jamaica by Indian laborers.
Person 1: "Ganja is Jamaican for weed!"
Person 2: "No, it's Hindi. Jamaican isn't even a language, retard. Now pass the joint."
#marijuana #weed #pot #green #mary jane #hash
ayon kay Mwia ika-17 ng Marso, 2007
West indian way of saying weed. White people now know about it and think it means Jamaican weed. They also think Jamaican's made this up. Ganja is a hindi word, brought to the west indies by indentured servants from India along with the weed it describes.
Cut yuh bubbaclot air bhoi, yuh a look like a ganja smoka.
#weed #marijuana #cannabis #bud #grass
ayon kay who suh eva ika-24 ng Nobyembre, 2006
Ganja is another name for marijuana. The word is ofter times associated with the west indies, but the truth is that it originated in India.

ORIGIN: The word Ganja actually comes from the word Ganges, referring to the Ganges River, which is a river in India where Cannabis Indica grew naturally. Cannabis indica was brought to the west indies, and is therefore referred to as Ganga.

For those who didn't know.
"While swiming in the ganges river, I came across some Ganja, so i smoked it."
#ganga #marijuana #cannabis #jamaica #india #weed #pot #spliff #cannabis indica #chronic
ayon kay Polar Bear 69 ika-08 ng Abril, 2008
Slang term for weed/marijuana/pot
"I love the ganja!" - Me
ayon kay SuperSonicX ika-20 ng Setyembre, 2005
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