A word that used to simply mean happy. This word was stolen by homosexuals to define their sexual orientation, and is now being stolen from the gays by a generation of youths to describe something that is stupid.
Gays are not happy that the word they stole is being stolen from them.
ayon kay RobsanX ika-23 ng Mayo, 2007
someone that is equal to everyone
"Oh, he's gay? Okay."
ayon kay Relgnad ika-27 ng Mayo, 2015
no soul or happiness.
i have gay all the time.
ayon kay Bellypower ika-21 ng Hulyo, 2009
A male who likes other males.
Mike likes Rob. Mike want's Rob to shove his dick up Mike's ass. Mike is gay.
ayon kay your mother's gaping asshole ika-22 ng Hunyo, 2015
that was really gay
ayon kay in the guys ass whole ika-14 ng Mayo, 2015
Its okay to be gay lets rejoice with the boys in the gay waaaaaay!
inside jokes are funny amirite
ayon kay uhe ika-14 ng Mayo, 2015
1 Homosexual
2 Bad, annoying (for douchebags)
3 Happy
1 It was a gay party
2 It was a gay party
3 It was a gay party
ayon kay xX EQUALITY Xx ika-01 ng Mayo, 2015

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