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to hit someone over the head with a pillow, from TV's "The Electric Company"
Stop glunking your brother.
ayon kay Frank Booth ika-18 ng Enero, 2005
24 28
The act of sliding one's eyeglasses down one's nose and peering over the top of them in a questioning, self-confident, or alluring manner.
I said something untruthful and that chick laid a glunk on me I'll never forget.
ayon kay ika-09 ng Mayo, 2011
35 10
To slides your glasses down your nose and peer over the top of them.
The chick said something I did not believe to be true, so I dropped a glunk on her, and she started backpedaling like all get out.
ayon kay Sir Glunkalot ika-25 ng Mayo, 2011
5 5
when a shit hits water of a toilet.
this one time i was in the toilet and dad was in the next room with the music blasting then the shit hit the water and it was like 'GLUNK'!!!!!!!!!
ayon kay lilknobcunt ika-24 ng Abril, 2011
8 16
A small measurement of liquid precisely done with a quick tilt of the container
"a want a glunk of milk in my coffee"
ayon kay f3ar_me ika-23 ng Setyembre, 2009
4 19
contaminated weed ,like the stuff thats been sprayed and looks like its not weed
what was that weed like you got yesterday 'it was glunk'
ayon kay rob marley ika-30 ng Agosto, 2008
0 16
A small found object, usually small pieces of junk metal, gifted as a token of friendship. Often thought of as friendship flair.
As a token of friendship, Bob gave Sarah glunk.
ayon kay BandV ika-30 ng Agosto, 2006
3 19