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a stupid queef ass beeyotch
benji is such a G.O.A.T
ayon kay sps ika-23 ng Pebrero, 2003
A honky-ass African American with a great tendency toward queefness.
Benji is such a G.O.A.T. just look at his sorry ass
ayon kay Prentice ika-23 ng Pebrero, 2003
Some queef-ass beeyotch who wears tights and tries to rhyme. WoW!
-see "Benji"
"Do my eyes deceive,
who is that G.O.A.T. among the trees?"
ayon kay G.O.A.T ika-23 ng Pebrero, 2003
ayon kay bao ika-23 ng Pebrero, 2003
wannabe gangsta who thinks he's the greatest of all time, but is more like the gayest of all time
Benji aint no goat, he's more like a boat.
ayon kay marcy ika-24 ng Pebrero, 2003
(Adjective) Someone who eats a lot but he or she doesn't get fat. Goats eat more 3 or 4 times more than the average person.
You are such a goat.
ayon kay Laylaa ika-16 ng Oktubre, 2014