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u got major issues wit someone or some people
someone hates you or has a grudge against u
"yo all the people at my school got beef on me"
ayon kay Dunross P ika-01 ng Disyembre, 2003
Are you trying to provoke me as to me get into a an act of violent physicality with you?
"yo, guy you got beef?, HUH? U GOT BEEF???"
ayon kay Yasser ika-07 ng Abril, 2003
Got beef means have you got the balls and tank to fight this weakass.
MOHAMED: oh no i just came here to eat
ayon kay mumbomum ika-11 ng Mayo, 2009
used to ask if someone has an issue with you, as if to say "is there a problem here?"

use only when dealing with complete noobs.
you got beef? ill take u out son

ayon kay junksauce ika-14 ng Pebrero, 2008
A phrase used to ask if someone has a problem with you.
Hey fag, you got beef with me? You wanna go?
ayon kay AKA Adogg ika-21 ng Marso, 2008