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pretending that something is the dogs bollocks when really it isn't
man that little kid is a hard core skater
ayon kay souch13 ika-18 ng Mayo, 2005
27 72
used to diss an act/person/object considered cool by a certain sub-culture - considered rather pitiful by outsiders
those unemployed/uneducated rudeniks driving up and down outside the college trying to pick up high-school girls are so hardcore
ayon kay tink ika-03 ng Mayo, 2004
23 77
Having, or of that which has, a hard center.
rezzix you are such a *HARDCORE* moron! Your used this word as an adjective and yet gave the definition of a noun. I think you've been reading the Urban Dictionary too much!
ayon kay shaNker ika-16 ng Enero, 2003
21 75
too tough to be emo


can be positive or negative depending on whether or not you are a self absorbed terd who likes to show off you hardcoreness

in this case you might be a douchebag

i used to get picked on a lot, but i started listening to my chemical romance and now im hardcore
ayon kay xsonicassassinx ika-10 ng Oktubre, 2005
24 79
a mix of metal and punk rock. this style of hard rock stared genres and fads like emocore and scene. hard core lyrics range from political (suicide machines), to emo (from autumn to ashes), to christian (underoath).
as i lay dying, unearth, underoath, rise against, suicide machines, bullet for my valentine, rancid, slipknot <these are hardcore bands>
ayon kay hot emo kid ika-18 ng Agosto, 2006
3 59
Working all day and smoking all night for several days in succession.
Oh dear. Hard core all week = barnsley syndrome
ayon kay oracle ika-12 ng Marso, 2004
12 68
punk rockin, leather strap wearin, mosh pittin extremists
i feel so hard core with steel-toes on.
ayon kay Leya Fish ika-19 ng Enero, 2003
17 74