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Head Motha Fucka In Charge. The boss; someone not to be reckoned with. Used to denote, usually in jest, that a person is in charge of a situation.
The coach is the HMFIC. What he says, goes.
ayon kay The HMFIC ika-04 ng Enero, 2006
492 113
Head Mutha Fucka In Charge
I need to speak to the H.M.F.I.C!
ayon kay Jackalman ika-04 ng Disyembre, 2007
35 13
Head Mother Fucker in Charge
Obama is the HMFIC of the USA.
ayon kay NCacalack ika-11 ng Hulyo, 2009
65 57
Head Mutha Fucka In Charge. Similar to H.N.I.C
I need ta speek to the H.M.F.I.C.
ayon kay Jackalman ika-11 ng Nobyembre, 2007
5 2
head mother fucker in charge... boss , forman,...
so whos the h.m.f.i.c around here any way
ayon kay saulyn ika-30 ng Oktubre, 2008
4 3
head mother fudger in charge
Steve: Who's Larry?
Raul: He runs that chocolate shop on 3rd street -- he's the HMFIC!
ayon kay CraigersMcCraigers ika-10 ng Hulyo, 2008
64 71
acronym for Head Mother Fucker In Charge, usually used when referring to an incompetent boss or leader.
"that dumbass is the HMFIC of the company."
ayon kay Cunjo ika-22 ng Hulyo, 2004
58 164