Top Definition
girls who will have sex with anyone
damn! stacey is a hoochie
ayon kay jessica ika-08 ng Agosto, 2005
An elegant term for the plant that pleases all.
Shit son! That be some fine hoochy you gots!
ayon kay budizzle ika-25 ng Mayo, 2005
more than one hoochie together in one place
Look at all those hoochies
ayon kay Ima lost ika-21 ng Marso, 2005
hot bitches that go to your school usually a little prudey but if ur lucky nuff ull snag some poontang
Damn at the maple grove game where wayzata toasted them maple grove has a hella lotta hoochies specially the cheerleaders but i bet they are all prude
ayon kay matt ika-03 ng Disyembre, 2004
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