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A very dirty roomate who fucks up your apartment as if a hurricane hit it. Someone who doesn't wash their hands after they shit, jack off, etc. Someone who is utterly unsanitary, yet is always complaining about health problems. Someone who can't pass the Subject A English exam.
Shit, look at all that crap in the sink. It looks like hurricane just hit the bathroom.

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, its HURRICANE!
ayon kay niggerface ika-11 ng Pebrero, 2006
5 29
any bum who chases children and has no known name.
"My little sister got chased by hurricane today"
ayon kay whymanwhy ika-29 ng Pebrero, 2004
6 31
An entity which spews forth fire when angered
HEY have you ever noticd how squaresoft steals so much from your beloved PRESIDENT XDRAKR it makes me want to vomit fire liek a hurricane
ayon kay boobs ika-24 ng Hulyo, 2003
2 28
The most vile and disgusting of the cheap ghetto beers.
Aw not hurricane, anything but that nigger piss
ayon kay tezeria ika-03 ng Mayo, 2005
12 44
man who is hung; like a bull, makes girls loose because of his 12" hung meat
dood did you see Mike McGlynn man hes a fuckin hurricane!!!!!!!
ayon kay HURR1CANES ika-11 ng Marso, 2004
9 42