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Something all too common on the internet.
Bob- There are too many idiots on the internet!
Karen- That explains why there's so much idiocy on
#idiosy #idiot #idosy #idocy #intelligence #smartness #cleverness #moron #fucktard
ayon kay Brian Audly ika-11 ng Abril, 2006
1. The act of being fuckin' stupid.

2. The only problem in the world that takes care of itself, yet laws prevent that.
1. "Man, he's stupid. He needs to stop the idiocy."

2. "Idiotic people kill themselves, but the police to their best to stop this."
#stupid #moron #fuckwit #lolbear #christian
ayon kay Shadow XII ika-11 ng Enero, 2006
1. Any action performed by an idiot or in an idiotic manner.
2. State of being for any idiot.
Though the internet is amazing, there tend to be gaping cesspools of utter idiocy.
ayon kay Koma ika-15 ng Abril, 2005
When a person drives a motorcycle and talks/text on there phone at the same time
Using Idiocy by ridng a motorcycle and texting at the same time
#idiotcy #smart #stupid #inteligent #dumb
ayon kay cpk1234 ika-21 ng Hunyo, 2011
The act of being an idiot


Refusing to learn the rules of grammar and spelling of your first and native language (e.g. intertube kids)

Denying truth in favour of comfortable misinformation (e.g Americans on the world)

Taking advantage of the limitations of coding or rule making in games in order to win

Feeling pride after winning a game (Sports, Video, Cards) in said fashion
Scientology conventions are a cesspool of idiocy

Your a idiot, there isnt lots of people which can acheave youre level of stupidness

The US of A is respected by foreign powers

Chainsaw laggers in GoW2

Geared and high level characters ganking in World of Warcraft areas designed for low level characters.
#stupid #american #idiot #stupididty #noob
ayon kay Finger_Bang ika-27 ng Hulyo, 2009
Insane Clown Posse (ICP)
If you've ever seen the music video "Miracles", the LEAST offensive adjective to describe it (or the makers) is probably idiocy.
#insane clown posse #stupid #pointless #lame #retarded
ayon kay LittleAnnaGirl ika-28 ng Abril, 2010
Look under George Bush
Hahaha..He has too much idiocy...
#idiot #dolt #stupid #ignorent #damn
ayon kay Super Secret Ninja Llama ika-10 ng Hulyo, 2008
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