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a mentally retarded person; someone with low understanding of the world and the things in it. A meaner way of calling somebody stupid. Should not always be taken literal.
That arab kid, Mike, is a complete idiot.
ayon kay ayyjunson ika-08 ng Nobyembre, 2011
Pronounced "eye-diot"

A fool who mindlessly buys and uses Apple products without knowing why they chose them. The real reason could be that they are:
1.) Vain - want to look 'cool' without regard to functionality
2.) Insecure - need a 'premium' product to feel good about themselves
3.) Technically inept - never really mastered the PC or any other tech device so they just gave up and bought the watered down Apple-toy
4.) A Hippie or Hipster (enough said!)
5.) Really loves to type 2-3 words per minute with lots of typos!
Man - "It's ironic they have a 'Genius Bar' at the Apple Store"
Woman - "Why"?
Man - "Because everyone there is an iDiot!"
ayon kay Contrarian88 ika-20 ng Oktubre, 2011
One who's extreme incompetence makes you wonder how they are still breathing.
In a chatroom...

Guy 1: obama shuts down the navy

Me: .... What kind of mind numbing shit is fed to you daily?
Seriously, there's no shortage of idiots.. ever.
ayon kay ertfyd ika-28 ng Setyembre, 2011
An apple user.
iPod- apple mp3 player

iPad- apple tablet

iPhone- apple phone

iDiot- apple users
ayon kay L33DS ika-13 ng Setyembre, 2011
an acronym for you
you are an idiot
ayon kay buoyancy ika-14 ng Agosto, 2011
someone who yells before thinking about what they yell.
Joe is an idiot because he yelled at that cop.
ayon kay samlad nyltak ika-16 ng Hulyo, 2011
San Jose Sharks
The San Jose sharks are idiots!
ayon kay Joe-V the greatest ika-22 ng Mayo, 2011