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A rundown, government-subsidized rental unit that constantly requires costly maintenance. Usually occupied by sketchy foreigners whose names do not appear on the lease. Keeps the folks at NASA employed. What better use of an aerospace engineering degree than to be in charge of unclogging space toilets?
MIT-Educated NASA Engineer: The international space station is calling again.

Decorated Air Force Pilot: I'll prepare for launch.

MIT-Educated NASA Engineer: Don't forget the space plunger.
#iss #slum housing #orbital projects #nasa #plunger jockey #space schneider
ayon kay chadsuperhero ika-12 ng Disyembre, 2013
when two men of a different race perform "dick docking"
Me and Juan did an international space station in front of the entire school for diversity day.
#international space station #inter-national space station #iss #international spacestation #international space-station
ayon kay gbabyawesome ika-12 ng Mayo, 2011
Occurs when two women simultaneously perform the "space docking" manuever. Doing so involves the "ass-to-puss" position, often done by scissoring. A major challenge to the manuever is to create a good seal, and maintain said seal for the duration of the fecal exchange.
Prescott's mom got down on the international space station with Nunley after Rone got done fucking her.
#space docking #monterey trumpet trolley #alabama hot pocket #hot carl #cleveland steamer #rusty trombone #dirty sanchez #strawberry shortcake #the houdini #eiffel tower #angry dragon #ass #pussy #fuck #dick #clit
ayon kay John Ronestacks ika-28 ng Disyembre, 2007
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