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A really atractive afican american who is a good dresser, scholar, writer and man. This person is usually around the ages of 16 28.
Oh Joe is dressed really nice today i guess he is trying to be a jarren.
ayon kay Estafanie Vergas ika-14 ng Marso, 2005
Sexy guy that no one can resist
That sexy guy must be Jarren
ayon kay This Is The Absoulute Truth ika-29 ng Agosto, 2010
A guy in a blue sweater and a grayish beanie
97% homo and 3% fag
A 1 incher pincher dick
a silk worm named jarren
ayon kay bonerific32009 ika-14 ng Pebrero, 2014
an african american boy who likes chicken
"who ate all the drumsticks?"
"it was that jarren"
ayon kay Bidle Goobie ika-01 ng Marso, 2008