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(Verb). To shamefully avoid an event, person or activity for reasons unknown to all but the person in question.
Person 1: Dude, did you nail her last night??
Person 2: Nah, she didn't want it
Person 1: You, sir, are a complete jib
ayon kay Alan Ham-Ham ika-21 ng Agosto, 2013
The act of poking an obese person.
I just want to jib that guy.
ayon kay pdogg ika-22 ng Hulyo, 2012
To accquire a form of public or private hire transport for free
"Bollocks, it would seem that a night out in bury wasnt the best of plans, i have no money to return home"
" Fuck me, you badmong, we'll jib a taxi"

"How do suggest we get to the grand valley of altrincham?"
"Dunno, Jib the met? Its only 18 stops"

ayon kay Mr.EJones ika-21 ng Disyembre, 2008
1. the end of a crane
2. an offensive response when nothing else can be thought of
1. "Look theres some wire on the cranes job"
2. Jordan - "I dont like you!"
James - "Yeah,'re a jib!"
ayon kay James Stone ika-03 ng Disyembre, 2006
A jib is a marijuana joint, also know as a jibber, or depending on how it's rolled; Lil jibby or big jibby.
Hey, Bitch, twist a jibber!
ayon kay g-rock ika-17 ng Disyembre, 2004
The little white balls of deodorant that make themselves on mens armpit hair.
"Oh my gosh, look at that jib hanging from your forest of armpit hair!"
ayon kay beebabyy ika-11 ng Enero, 2012
Generic descriptive term for any small, weak, low quality, etc. item or person. Often used with generality in relation to drugs. This word is used as an adjective in compound nouns and as a noun.
Your 1990 Honda Civic hatchback is a "jib mobile"

Lets smoke some jibs (cannabis)

When I opened that balloon, I only got a little jib (heroin)

I only have a few jibs left (cannabis; small chunks/nugs)
ayon kay gordonliu ika-15 ng Hunyo, 2011